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Toppy S.r.l. > Toppy pile turner year 2005

Toppy is an electrically powered self-propelled lift truck designed to turn and move pallets of paper or cardboard weighing up to a maximum of 1000 kg.

The Toppy can be used to remove, from the printing machine, a pallet of paper and turn for second side printing virtually immediately as little pressure is required to invert due to the Toppy's unique rotations action, and in some cases re-load the in-feed ready to continue.

Toppy has been designed to turn pallets of paper or cardboard with a minimum format of 50x70 cm and a maximum format of 72x104 cm.


6.900,00 €
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Delivery time 15 days from the date of order.
Delivery ex-works, Warranty six months.

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